Happy Trails!

After 4 years serving the Texas Longhorn industry, The Longhorn Source is riding off in to the sunset. Thanks to everyone for riding along this journey.

If you are interested in acquiring all or a portion of the assets of The Longhorn Source, including the technology, source code, and the LonghornSource.com domain name, please contact Cattlesoft.

Also available are several related domain names used for marketing purposes including: LonghornAuction.com, LonghornAuctions.com, LonghornSale.com, MiniLonghorns.com, TexasLonghorns.net, TexasLonghorn.org, and TexasLonghorn.co. For discounted pricing on these domains, please contact Leading Domains and mention The Longhorn Source.

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From the makers of LonghornMax cattle management software, CattleMax Online is a natural fit for Texas Longhorn breeders to manage their records.

All editions of CattleMax Online include an account setting to enable Texas Longhorn features including Trophy Steers and Horn Measurement History. The Registered Editions include an interface with TLBAA for importing herd inventories and registering cattle.

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The Cattle Tags Store

Your source for Allflex brand custom visual ear tags and electronic ID tags. Competitive prices and convenient ordering.

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The Cattle Scales Store

Your source for Tru-Test brand cattle weigh scales. Competitive prices and convenient ordering.

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